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Privacy Policy

We take data protection very seriously and will vigorously defend all of our clients information to the best of our ability and with the backing of the full data protection legislation. At no time will any information be sold or shared with third parties for marketing, soliciting, profiling, or profiteering. With this in-mind, there are a few things that we do need to collect in order to maintain our professional standards and to aid in the efficient running and safety of our service.


What information do we need to collect from you?


Full Name, Gender, Date of Birth, Address, Email, Phone Number

GP details (Family Doctor), Consultant, relevant health professionals involved in your care

Insurance provider details including policy number and authorisation details

A full and comprehensive medical history including details of relevant scans, investigations, medications will be taken during your first appointment. Follow-up notes about your condition and ongoing clinical input will be made during each session.


Why to we collect this data?


As registered health professionals we have professional and ethical conduct standards set by the HCPC (Heath Professionals Council) and by our Chartered Physiotherapy Society that require us to record this information as a matter of maintaining our professional standards (including clinical audit).

We also have a practical need to be able to communicate in an effective and efficient manner with any health providers relevant to your needs. We will always take time to ask for your specific consent when sharing information with fellow health professionals, and will ensure you receive copies of this correspondence.


We have a practical requirement to contact our clients with appointment confirmations, discussing phone enquires, cancellations, staff illness, emergency closures, and managing invoicing and billing matters.


Will this data be shared with any third parties?


We will only share your data with you expressed consent with agencies and health professionals specifically relevant to your immediate care and well-being. This will always be discussed with you on an individual basis, and copies of this correspondence will be sent to you.


Any dealings with solicitors and legal firms requiring access to your data will have to supply us with signed consent from you directly. We will contact you in this instance to verify that is a correct procedure.


All patients have right to access their medical records in line with the DATA PROTECTION ACT. Requests must be made by the patient in writing and processed within 40 days.


Relatives of patients have no right to see a living patient’s medical records without the patients written consent, unless the relative holds a Power of Attorney or other legal authority for the patient.


Medical records remain confidential after a patient is deceased. Requests to access a deceased patients records should be made under the Access to medical records ACT to the Data Processor. Permission may be considered by either the legal authority and/or Executors of the deceased estate.


I want my data deleted from your system.


In line with GDPR all clients retain the right to have their personal data removed from the clinics database. This request must be received by the Data Controlling Officer in writing and will be actioned within 30 days.


We are legally obligated to retain a copy of all clients medical records for a minimum of 8 years as part of the health professionals standard. This timeframe increases to 25 years for clients under the age of 18 at the time of their first treatment and those seen while under active treatment for cancer.

Insurance Company Funding and Personal Liability

Insurance Companies

We will happily work with almost all insurance companies to meet your rehabilitation requirements. As part of this we have to adhere to the insurance company rules and regulations with regard to being a 'recognised provider'.  It is vital that you ensure your are aware of your policy excess and amount of authorised treatments that you are entitled to claim. Any short fall in your funding from your insurance company will have to be met by you personally. We will always inform you if there are further costs and ensure you are happy to cover the cost in the event that funding is declined for whatever reason. 

Personal Funding

We welcome private funding clients to our service and are happy to discuss 'pay-as-you go, or formal invoicing options if you prefer. We accept all major credit and debit card as well as cash and BACS transfers. All Outstanding bills must be paid within 30 days, a 24 hour cancellation policy is in place. 


What we are doing for you

We aim to adhere to Public Health England's guidance and standards of infection control within our clinical setting. In practice this means we will wear PPE including facemask (KN95/FFP2 or higher grade), plastic apron, visor, and nitrile gloves for all treatment sessions. Clinic rooms will be cleaned between clients with medical grade disinfectant wipes and sprays, UVC lamps utilised for air sterilisation and global cleaning  at least 2-3 times per day. We run a Ionising dehumidifier system which produces medical grade air quality throughout our facility. 

What we need you to do for us

Please keep us safe as well by bringing a facemask to all treatment sessions as required by law, unless you have a medical exemption. Please try to arrive for your session as close to your appointed time as possible to limit your waiting time and chance for cross-over with other clients. Please be honest in your Covid-19 declarations with regard to symptoms within your household, we rather re-schedule your appointment if there is a potential risk that you have been exposed. We request that you make use our our hand gel when you arrive or leave as a pre-cautionary measure unless you have a specific intolerance to hand gel. If you have the NHS tracing App then you can check in on arrival in the waiting area. 

What we all agree

We cannot be held liable in the event of a covid-19 transmission, rather all parties must agree a level of measured risk associated with entering our facility and receiving 'hands -on' or  close contact treatment in line with our physiotherapy professional standards.

© 2022 Andre Le Leu Physiotherapy Limited. All Rights Reserved.  Creative Commons  Licence 

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